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Elhadj Boubacar Telli Diallo

Et surtout (je dirais enfin !) celui qu'il guettait depuis toujours ; celui qui l'écrasait de sa culture, de son rayonnement et de son port : Telli Diallo, baptisé bien sûr éminence grise de ce nouveau complot. Celui dont l'arrestation avait motivé toute la mise en scène.
Dr. Charles Diané. Sékou Touré, l'homme et son régime. Lettre ouverte au président François Mitterand


Lured back to Guinea by Sekou Toure's promises and a suicidal dose of naivete, Telli Diallo returned home, having completed two terms as Secretary general of the OAU. He became Justice Minister in 1972 and for approximately four years, it looked like he had made the right decision. Alas, in 1976, on Sekou Touré's order, he was arrested, detained, tortured and murdered in jail, in 1977, at Camp Boiro. Telli, and the following officials and military officers

suffered their ordeal and martyrdom for allegedly plotting against the regime in the so-called Fulbhe plot (Complot Peul). Like all victims of Sekou Toure's cyclical purges, known as « le Complot Permanent » or the Permanent Plot, Telli and his companions never received any kind of legal defense. In Stalinist-like trials, they were guilty, convicted and sentenced in advance. Worse, Sekou Toure went on to wage a libelous campaign against the entire ethnic Fulbhe community. As subsequent events show, such criminal attacks shattered the concept of Guinean nationhood to its core.


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