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Amnesty International
1975-76 Report

In July 1975, as a result of the "normalization" of relations between Guinea and France - which had been strained since 1960 - 18 French citizens who had been imprisoned in Guinea since the end of 1970 were released and allowd to return home. One of the released prisoners, Pierre Xueref, was an AI investigation case.
According to information reaching the Research Department in late 1975, the total number of political prisoners held in Guinea may be in the region of 2,000. Detailed data has been obtained on a total of 108 prisoners, 96 of whom are Guineans, the remainder being citizens of other African or Middle Easter states. The prisoners, many of whom have not been charged or tried, are reportedly held at Camp Boiro in Conakry, the Guinean capital, or in the civil prison at Kindia. Prison conditions are reported to be extremely bad.
During early 1976, the Research Department was preparing for new initiatives on Guinea in the light of the data received.